Questions & answers

Has anyone intruded on my area overnight?

You can quickly and easily see whether an alarm has been activated in your area during the night from the Event Report, which will be automatically generated and sent to you each morning at 06:00 after activity in your area has led to action based on your alarm instructions.

Our alarm is turned on around the clock at weekends but now we need to work on Saturday; how do we arrange that?

No problem, simply make a call to your alarm centre, give them your personal code, name and the object you would like to access, and they will help you to temporarily adjust the alarm times.

How long is the delivery time for my new security system?

A standard order usually takes approximately 15 working days, although we always do our very best to deliver as quickly as possible.

If you are in a particular hurry, you can choose our express service, which will place you at the front of the queue of orders we are preparing for delivery.

My needs may change, does my system have to remain the same as initially agreed?

Absolutely not. Just as the world changes and develops, so do the needs and prerequisites for your security system. You can always discuss your altered needs with your salesperson or with our support team and we will see that your security system is updated to meet your current needs, irrespective of whether changes are required to your alarm schedule, alarm instructions or your system.

What is an Event Report?

An Event Report is a report in PDF format that is automatically generated and sent to you each morning at 06:00 after activity within the alarmed area has resulted in an active measure being taken by the alarm centre. The Event Report contains randomly generated images from the alarm, details of what caused the alarm, the time the alarm was generated, and the measures taken.