Intelligent camera surveillance

Our systems detect and analyses events within the area of surveillance. If anyone enters the area, a video alarm signal will be sent to an operator who will quickly and efficiently take the correct measures to deal with the alarm as agreed in the action plan. As action is taken at such an early stage, the risk of theft and vandalism is reduced, meaning that your end customer will avoid time-consuming and expensive police reports, disruption to operations and work environment problems. Our main sectors are currently building sites, schools and high-value areas.

Among other things, you will receive:

  • Technology developed in Sweden
  • The largest network of alarm centres in the Nordics
  • Workshops, eLearning and webinars
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Access to installation services
  • Sales support
  • Partnership can also means that Irisity purchases services from you, for example: >Installation >Security guards >Alarm centres

Become a partner

Three steps towards selling intelligent camera surveillance

  • Online tools

    Online tools

    On our platform you can find tools to make project design that much easier. You will obtain a good idea of prices and, through EMMA, the customer can see where the intended equipment will be installed.

  • Tenders


    When all information has been entered, we will send you a completed tender that you can then forward to the customer.

  • Payment


    When the tender has been signed, Irisity will configure the system. After the system is commissioned you will receive your commission and your end customer will have excellent surveillance. We quite simply see this as a win-win situation.