Violent behavior

Improving public safety through video analytics

Real-time detection of potentially harmful behavior in public locations is a challenging task for surveillance systems and security providers. Video surveillance traditionally depends on a human operator to detect violent activity within thousands of hours of video streams. Security providers typically focus on forensic post-analysis rather than real-time detection of incidents.

Irisity’s industry-leading deep learning algorithms allow for instant identification of violent behavior. The algorithms have been trained on millions of images and will send video alarms to human operators, who assess the situation and take appropriate security measures.

IRIS™ anonymization algorithms can be added to the surveillance, protecting people’s privacy through pixelization or white-masking of individuals. The IRIS™ system complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, 2016/679 (GDPR).

  • Improved security

    Improved security

    Instant alerts when violent behavior is identified or a person falls to the ground.

  • Compatible with pre-existing cameras

    Compatible with pre-existing cameras

    Low false alarm rate, and resilient to disturbances from e.g. bad weather and light shifts.

Irisity Violent Behavior - product sheet

Mathias Kremer - Enterprise Sales Executive

Mathias Kremer

Enterprise Sales Executive

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