Hear our customers

Jan Ericsson

”The solution has worked splendidly. Our only regret is that we should have had the system from the start – everyone should have it!”

Jan Ericsson Site manager, NCC Ekkällan
Kåre Falkevik

”Since installing intelligent camera surveillance we have experienced an excellent effect against intrusion, vandalism and theft. We assess that these have been reduced by 80%. ”

Kåre Falkevik Station engineer, Fortum Distribution
Peter Granfeldt

”I looked at the available systems. When it comes to school surveillance, this is the best and most complete solution there is. ”

Peter Granfeldt School administrator, Lövgärdetskolan
Caroline Whitworth

”We analyzed everything from dogs to patrolling security guards and realized that the best solution for us was Irisity Site Guard.”

Caroline Whitworth Logistics manager, Änglagården SEFA
Jopas Wulff

”It feels good to be able to strengthen security by moving from patrolling security guards to intelligent camera surveillance, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by 70%!”

Jopas Wulff Traffic manager, Øresund Bridge Consortium
Anders Hjelm

”Irisity’s area surveillance has helped us to minimize theft in an extremely short period of time.”

Anders Hjelm Unit manager ÅVC, Mölndal recycling
Olle Åberg

”During the first three years of operation alone we saved over SEK 10 million solely on graffiti, window breakages and lower insurance premiums.”

Olle Åberg Head of Unit, SISAB
Jonas Forsberg

”As headmaster and as a tax payer, I’m extremely pleased that the repayment period was barely 3 months.”

Jonas Forsberg Headmaster, Jättestensskolan
Erik Abäck

”Irisity Site Guard makes it possible for us to take measures immediately an intrusion is detected – much more effective than simply employing security guards!”

Erik Abäck Production manager Logistics