Investor relations contacts

Marcus Bäcklund - CEO

Marcus Bäcklund


Marcus is an entrepreneur and investor. He has gained significant experience within technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital while investing in several successful technology startups. Marcus is creative, visionary and persistent. He believes the formula for success in any organization lies in the combination of innovation and execution which requires the right cultural balance between freedom and responsibility. MSc. Chalmers University of Technology.

Tel: +46 733 80 17 80

Andreas Höye - CFO

Andreas Höye


Andreas has long experience as investor and also finance within seed and growth phase companies. Andreas has a business oriented and strategic mindset but at the same time likes the agile work methodology which is needed in venture companies. From his background as elite athlete he brings the competitive mindset and also the importance of teamwork and a strong culture where everyone works towards the same goals. Andreas holds an MBA in finance from University of Agder in Norway.

Tel: +46 769 01 34 51