Technology and History

Yes, it’s a machine, a very intelligent machine.

Detecting human activity is an almost inhuman task, which is why we’ve turned to intelligent software for help. Here, the goal is a zero fail rate, something nobody comes closer to than Irisity.

At Irisity, we started removing ‘the human factor’ years ago. Since then, we confidently offer our customers a no-false-alarms guarantee – free of charge. Our focus from the beginning has been to maximize the area where we detect unwanted activity using minimal number of cameras to benefit our customers the most.

Our patented video surveillance solution is the result of years of research and development. We use state of the art artificial intelligence methods, optimized over years of real-world use in sun, rain, snow and storms.

Each detection of unwanted activity is evaluated by a certified operator in Irisity’s distributed network of alarm receiving centrals. Using a cloud-based infrastructure, we support rapid growth for years to come.

Our history

Irisity, at that time called Mindmancer, was founded 2006 by two students from Chalmers University of Technology. The first product was an autonomous robot, built to patrol large areas day and night using a camera. We quickly realized, however, that just a few fixed cameras are needed to continuously cover the entire area patrolled by the robot, giving a better result at a lower cost.

We adapted and refined the video analysis to fixed cameras and launched our “Surveillance as a Service” offerings at the Skydd 2008 trade fair. The products “Construction Guard”, “School Guard” and “Area Guard” were well received and quickly gained us some important customers in different segments.

2009 marked the year when School Guard, with its unique “soft surveillance” approach, really took off, getting installed in over 50 schools. Much of the success is due to the patented anonymization techniques employed.

The following years, sales were intensified to meet the growing demand. We entered many partnerships, both with alarm centrals and installers, in Sweden and abroad, and started white-labelling our products for others to sell as their own.

In 2017, the company changed name to Irisity, to put more emphasis on the AI analytics, distribution of alarm, actions and ratings and the overall cloud-based software solutions.