Irisity in short

Meet the smartest, most curious, most exact trouble spotter in the surveillance business.

To err is human, they say. But in the security business, the goal is a zero fail rate, something nobody comes closer to than Irisity.

The basic problem is overload of surveillance data. How on earth do you spot all human activity in a typical CCTV information torrent of four trillion pixels a day?

Irisity’s solution: To combine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and couple it with vigilant human input.

When a camera sees movement, an eight-second sequence is shown to the operator, who decides whether it’s human activity or not. If it is, those specific pixel combinations are added to the system’s knowledge bank. Nine patented algorithms continuously teach it to recognize what’s interesting in any given picture, better than any human being.

Irisity has been doing this in Scandinavia for ten years. For more than 350 companies. The information in our proprietary knowledge bank is vast. And while you read this, it grew yet another bit.