Corporate governance

The basis for corporate governance within Irisity is Swedish legislation and the NASDAQ First North Rulebook. The company has engaged Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag as Certified Advisor.

The company does not comply with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

CEO and Management

The CEO is subordinate to the Board and is primarily responsible for the Company's ongoing management and day-to-day operations. The division of labor between the Board and the CEO is stated in the rules of procedure for the Board and the instructions for the CEO. The CEO is also responsible for drawing up reports and compiling information from management before board meetings and is the rapporteur for the material at board meetings.

According to the instructions for financial reporting, the CEO is responsible for keeping the Board informed of the development of Irisity's operations, results and financial position, liquidity and credit situation, key business events and other relevant circumstances.

Marcus backlund

Marcus Bäcklund


Marcus is an entrepreneur and investor. He has gained significant experience within technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. He has invested in several successful technology startups.

Marcus is creative, visionary and persistent. He believes the formula for success in any organization lies in the combination of innovation and execution which requires the right cultural balance between freedom and responsibility.

MSc. Chalmers University of Technology.

Number of shares: 78 504
Number of warrants: 183 750
Number of synthetic options: 0

Eric stenberg

Erik Stenberg


Erik is a doer who thrive on new challenges and am solution-oriented. He have the ability to build engaged, efficient and result oriented team. He is a business oriented person with a focus on both the business arrangement and the ongoing operations.

Erik’s strengths are that he is committed and active which cause teams to operate well. Moreover, he have a sales and marketing orientated abilities which facilitates finding potential activities and further developments.

BA Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.

Number of shares: 16 005
Number of warrants: 10 500
Number of synthetic options: 84 000

Victor hagelback

Victor Hagelbäck


Victor is an innovative technology enthusiast and leader, focusing on productivity and user experience. He is a strong believer in agile methodologies and that great teamwork and constant improvement drives results and excellence.

Victor has delivered performant cloud-based solutions for many years, always with a strategic focus to maximize value for the business long-term. Focusing and doing few, meaningful, things really well is core to Victor’s philosophy of what drives success.

MSc. Chalmers University of Technology.

Number of shares: 45 769
Number of warrants: 0
Number of synthetic options: 52 500

Board of Directors

Lennart svantesson

Lennart Svantesson


I Irisitys styrelse sedan: 2017

Lennart Svantesson är verkställande direktör i NAXS AB (publ). Lennart har lång erfarenhet av ledande befattningar i noterade och onoterade bolag. Han har bland annat varit VD för investmentbolaget Bure Equity AB, VD för Scribona AB, VD för Nimbus Boats AB, VD för Arthur D. Little Scandinavia AB och Senior Vice President på Volvo Personvagnar AB. Lennart har dessutom mångårig styrelseerfarenhet såväl från börsnoterade större bolag som från mindre snabbväxande teknikbolag. Han är civilingenjör från Chalmers Tekniska Högskola och har studerat ekonomi på Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet.

Goran wolff

Göran Wolff


I Irisitys styrelse sedan: 2013

VD på Misen Energy AB, 2012–
Ekonomichef Interim på Replacement AB, 2011–2012
Businesscontroller, senare ekonomichef samt arbetat med affärsutveckling på Geveko, 2005–2011 och 1987–1998
Konsult i eget företag, 2003–2004
Administrativ chef på Koncentra Verkstads AB, 1998–2003
Groupcontroller på Ledugruppen, 1985–1987
Budgetchef på Wicanders AB, 1982–1985
Assistent åt koncernens VD på Distingo Handels AB, 1979–1982
Utbildning och erfarenhet: Civilekonomexamen vid Göteborgs universitet.
Andra uppdrag: Styrelseledamot i Göteborgs Studentbokhandel AB. Styrelsesuppleant i Capital Oil Resources Sweden AB. Extern verkställande direktör och CFO i Misen Energy AB (publ) samt extern firmatecknare i Misen Enterprises AB.
Tidigare uppdrag de senaste fem åren: Styrelseladamot i Nordic dircom AB. Styrelsesuppleant i Geveko Kapital AB, Geveko Industri Holding AB samt Geveko Intelligent Transport Systems AB. Extern firmatecknare i Geveko Industri AB och Cleanoson AB.

Meg tiveus

Meg Tivéus


I Irisitys styrelse sedan: 2017

Meg Tivéus har de senaste 12 åren jobbat heltid med styrelsearbete. Hon har erfarenhet som styrelseordförande i bland annat Frösunda, Folktandvården, Solhagagruppen, Björn Axen och Arkitektkopia. Meg är även ordförande i revisionskommittéerna vid Swedish Match, Cloetta och Endomines. Meg har verkat inom flera börsnoterade bolag och start-ups. Hon har en bred operationell erfarenhet från flera olika sektorer, såsom spelindustrin (Svenska Spel, Boss Media och Nordic Gaming), logistik (Posten), detaljhandel (NK och Åhlens) samt pappersindustri (Modo, Holmen, Billerud). Meg har en civilekonomexamen från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm och är allmänt orädd, har humor, nyfikenhet och hög integritet.

Johan zetterstrom

Johan Zetterström


I Irisitys styrelse sedan: 2015

Medgrundare, Zeca AB, 2010 –
Vice VD, Planview, 2014–2015
VD, Projectplace International AB, 2011–2015
Rådgivare, EQT Partners, 2010–2011
Regionchef Norden och Ryssland,, 2002–2010
Managing Director Norden, Broadvision, 2001–2002
Managing Director Norden, ATG – Art Technology Group, 2000–2001
Landschef, ATG – Art Technology Group, 2000–2001
VD och ägare, MacSupport, 1991–2000
Andra uppdrag: Styrelseordförande i Barium samt styrelseledamot i Hendryxskis AB och Ineo OY.

Nomination Comittee

Nomination Committee for Annual General Meeting 2018.

Nomination Committee shall propose chairman of the Annual General Meeting, number of Board members, remuneration to the Board, election of Board members, election of auditors, fees to the auditors and how the Nomination Committee shall be appointed. The Nomination Committee shall consist of five persons and a representative from Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund AB, which shall be convened by the Nomination Committee.
 The nomination committee convened shall, during November 2017, convene representatives of the company’s 5 largest shareholders (including Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund), which subsequently constitute the company’s nomination committee. The composition of the Nomination Committee with the name, telephone number and e-mail address is published on the company’s website on November 30, 2017.

The Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2018 consists of:

Håkan Krook

Tel: 0708-990461


Mats Enegren
Tel: 0702-115377

Niklas Larsson

Tel: 070-7576090

Fredrik Sanell

Tel: 0703-104859



The auditor shall review the Company’s annual accounts and accounts, as well as the Board and CEO’s management. After each financial year, the auditor shall submit an auditor’s report to the AGM. Under the Company’s Articles of Association, the Company shall have no more than two auditors and no more than two deputy auditors.

Irisity’s auditor is Ernst and Young AB with authorized auditor Staffan Landén, born 1963, as the chief accountant auditor.

Ernst and Young AB and Staffan Landén are members of FAR SRS.

Certified Adviser

Irisity has entered into an agreement with Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag in its capacity as an approved adviser, known as Certified Adviser.

Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag is responsible as Certified Adviser in order for the Company to comply initially and continuously with First North's regulatory framework.

Erik Penser Bank offers companies listed on the First North service as Certified Adviser. Unlike the regulated market, each company on First North has a so-called Certified Adviser, "CA" that ensures that companies meet the requirements and rules that exist.

Read more about Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag at